Deal or No Deal

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“I made a deal with God.” I’ve said this, but is that really possible? Only if I am making that deal with God’s word, purpose or plan at the forefront. If I am making a deal that is my own than that isn’t a real deal.

God doesn’t make deals with anyone. – Colin Smith Unlocking the Bible

Isn’t it arrogant to think that you can make a deal with God? Only he can make a deal with you. So I’m going to continue to try to ask God for his plan for me. I will try to stop making my own plan. I usually don’t go down the path I thought I would anyway. To me that means that God had a different plan and took me that way. I will end up doing exactly what God had planned for me if I can give him the control. I am NOT in control so why do I fight it?

“Thy will be done” in the Lord’s prayer means God’s plan will happen, again we are not the ones in control. Let God be in control of your life since our struggle for power is useless. Give God the glory, follow in his footsteps.

Have you had failed deals with God?


Farm life

Over 3 years and I finally had to face a farm animal death. This farm animal had a name so she wasn’t just a farm animal she was our pet and our egg providing hen. She served us very well, had lots of personality for a chicken and I was very sad to see her suffer. I did what I could but yesterday her suffering ended and she was my first fatality after starting my hen experience in May of 2015. I had a really good run.

I saw a lot of animals die growing up next to my grandparents farm. They had goats, horses, chickens, ducks, guinea hens, peacocks, rabbits, cats and dogs. I loved playing with baby animals and I could sit and watch kittens play for hours. My grandparents farm is what inspired me to decide to have backyard chickens.

I bought my 6 chicks from a hatchery at a day old and raised them to adults. I added to my flock last year with 5 more hens and a stray rooster. He’s a smaller breed so he doesn’t serve much purpose I just haven’t the heart to make him leave yet.

So my chicken experience is fun and its had some weird and odd experiences. This year I learned how to insert a vent back in a hen..successfully. Getting that first egg from your hens is a very exciting time! I’d love to add to my farm animals I just can’t decide what’s next.

Hermione 5-1-15 – 6-21-18

What farm animal should I raise next?

Legacy vs. Money

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A lot of times I agree with the phrase ‘Money is the root of all evil’. Mostly because it is a huge temptation for us to put it in the forefront of our lives. And of course the more you make the more you spend and then you need even more.

In the book Giving it all away and getting it all back again David Green tries to teach us to leave a legacy and not monetary assets to our children. Also he tells his story of how he’s learned the more he gives to God the more he is rewarded and can use money for more good rather than more means for himself and family.

Economy isn’t just monetary. It’s careful management of resources. Resources or everything that God has given to you.

If we are able to avoid the temptation to use money only for ourselves and instead give God all the glory and help others with our wealth then money can be the root of great stewardship.

I remember a sermon awhile back about giving thanks that said if you can’t go in your closet and thank God for each shirt and piece of clothes in there you’re either not thanking God enough or you have too many shirts. Also that we should be thankful for absolutely everything we own and give thanks daily.

Ways I’d like to improve how I use money:

  • Tithe more
  • Cut back on special food purchases or find a way to grow more of my own food
  • Have more efficient vehicles
  • Delay ‘want’ purchases

By improving some of my money issues my goal is to give more and save more. I do believe that the more you give away the more you get back. I’d also love to leave a legacy for my children to continue, but I have not figured that part out yet. To be continued…

A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the Lord; it is holy to the Lord.
Leviticus 27:30

How are you smart with money?

Mom’s old news

Now that I am a mom to a wonderful child everyone always is asking to visit and to see us. Wait a minute…

Actually, everyone usually says “I want to see you daughter, Oh and you too of course.” I’m not really sure they mean that. Actually I think they might be ok without me there. I can’t blame them, she’s adorable, fun and full of life. I’m tired, grumpy and full of stories basically only about my child now.

It’s ok though, if you just want to see my child and you can take me or leave me. She’s on the top of my list too. Everyone else is second rate and I can take you or leave you, but my child I need to see her! I can’t wait to see her and I would drop anything to be with her.

So the “620 times your child gets complimented when you get 0 compliments, even when you are wearing the exact same shirt”(thank you facebook mom friend), that sounds about normal. Mom’s just old news now. 😉 And that’s ok!

What’s a way you are now forgotten since you’ve had kids?

Gratitude entry

Today I am grateful for my Monday’s with my daughter. I never knew how one day dedicated to mommy daughter time would be so precious. I’m grateful that my job allowed me this day off. I’m grateful for the other mother and babies I’ve made friends with along the way. I’m grateful for my healthy happy beautiful daughter. I’m grateful that God made this all possible in my life.

I want to treasure this season of life. I want to remember that firsts and lasts are happening right before my eyes. I get this one life and I don’t know how long I’ll get so I’ve got to cherish the moments and share the love.

What kind of people shall we be, knowing that we have only a short period left here on this earth? – Wayne Muller

Today what are you grateful for?

Nighty Night Prayer

We’ve been doing night time prayers with our daughter since we’ve had a good bedtime routine, maybe 6 months. She has become more involved as she becomes more verbal. Her favorite part is the Amen and picking people to bless. Mommy, daddy, baby and herself are usually not forgotten and need no prompts. Every few days she throws in a bumpa(grandpa) or nana(grandma) without us asking her to. The other day she really surprised us with an aunts name and an uncle since she saw them and learned to say their names well.

I just love the mind of a child. I love seeing how she is learning. She has so much love to share. How can someone 30+ years younger than me and someone who has only been on this earth less than 2 years teach me so much?! Sometimes I feel she is smarter than me, more level headed than me and more attune to people’s feelings than me. Have I learned nothing in those 30+ years? You’d think I could do simple things like give someone a hug when they are feeling sad or walk away before throwing a tantrum.

Please child, teach me your ways!! I know I will continue to be in awe by her learning capabilities and her social skills for my whole life. I don’t think I need the skill of waving to neighbors driving by while in the nude, she can continue to master that one for a few more socially acceptable years. Anyway, I’m so grateful to be given this experience to grow and learn and maybe even revert back to a less inhibited me. God, give me a house full of children that help me grow closer to you by making me so grateful for every experience I’m allowed. Amen 🙂

What has a child taught you?

I am no one’s savior

Don’t look to me for saving.

Don’t hope for me to make your life better.

Don’t plan on me being there for you when you need it.

Don’t get me wrong, we should have great connections with people on earth but if we put our faith in them alone we will be sorely let down. God is the only one we can put our complete trust in.

Think about how many times you’ve felt someone left you hanging, didn’t notice you were hurting or blatantly made you feel bad. It hurts the worst when it is the people we are closest with and trust them with our hearts. How many times have you done this to someone else? This is where forgiveness comes in and you put your trust in God.

Don’t look to me for saving: I do not hold the key to your salvation. Jesus is our salvation and if we don’t stop fighting against God then we will never let him in our heart. We will not win a battle against God and all he wants is to be with us. I only recently feel like I’ve stopped fighting against God and I hope that I never try again!

Don’t hope for me to make your life better: I do not hold the key to your happiness. No one on earth does. We need to find our happiness with the promises God gives us because all earthly things can be gone at any moment. If we rely only on earthly things and people for our happiness there are many possibilities for our world to be shattered.

Don’t rely on me to be there when you need it: I am sinful, I am selfish and I will not always be reliable. God is the ONLY ever present open ear and open hand for your life. He is just waiting for you to ask for him! Hello God, are you there? Yes!

Be still and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10

Obviously I know if you are reading this you were not looking to me for salvation, happiness and trust but you might be looking to someone. We really need to go to God first and then those other relationships may bear more fruit.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.
John 15:5

I know this is a hard topic because it’s pushing you first to God and then to others and we really want people to fix our problems or their problems.

JOY: Jesus, Others, You

How hard is this to follow for you?